Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This was one of the most enjoyable shoots I've done in a while. These little brothers were so cute and so much fun. Their outfits had little monkeys on them and the oldest little guy was swinging on the railings of the fort like a little monkey! The little one was so happy and pleasant. It was a great afternoon for pictures, so we had a blast.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun at Kid's Junction

Last week I was able to take class pictures for the students at Kid's Junction Preschool in Morehead City. It was quite an experience! The kids were so cute and nearly all of them were willing to look at the camera! Here are a few of my favorites.

Little Blue Eyes

This little one is the daughter of a couple of good friends I've know most of my life. She was so full of personality and such a sweetheart. We ran all around the Historic Grounds, but we were able to get several great shots. It was lots of fun and we had perfect weather for the first time in a while!

Beautiful Family and a Beautiful Day

This was a session several months in the making. We had to reschedule so many times because of weather and other factors. It was worth the wait. They were such a beautiful family and so cute together. I enjoyed every minute of it. Dad is growing his hair out for Locks of Love. I told him most girls would kill to have such thick, curly hair.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ashley, If you want any changes, just let me know. Otherwise, just email me and I'll get the order placed. Everything should be in by Thursday or Friday.

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